About Us

Who we are?

Founded in September 2019, The Spot Companies is a technology and data platform focused on solving the “last 5-10 mile” commercial vehicle parking issues facing the logistics industry.  The Spot Companies platform provides a turn-key solution to identify known and most importantly “unknown” locations for parking of commercial vehicles (eg 53” trailers, Sprinter vans).  The Spot Companies philosphy of creating a win-win relaltionship between the commercial vehicle operator and the land owner takes the friction out of the process and solves the problems of identifying required parking and helping landowners moonetize their underutilized assets.

The Problem We Solve

Last "5-10 mile" commercial parking in highly dense, restrictive, yet necessary location is becoming increasingly difficult.  The inability to find last "5-10 mile" parking costs fleets over $4,700 per truck per year.  The Spot Companies proprietary data and platform solves last minute crises, short-term and long-term commercial parking needs for trucks, trailers, sprinter vans, box trucks, fleets and other commercial vehicles. 

How We Do It

Proprietary Database of Parking Spots

Our "secret sauce" and proprietary technology and database is made up of thousands of spots to park your commercial vehicles.  Just because the property isn't a "traditional" commercial parking lot, doesn't mean that it doesn't meet your most stringent needs (eg. security, access, location).  The Spot Companies maintains proprietary relationships with the largest land owners across the country and provides access to novel parking solutions that meet your immedaite needs.

Partnering with Land Owners

You have excess or underutilized land that can be generating revenue.  No matter the size of your property(ies), land owners are able to list their park spots on The Spot Companies free of charge.  We are constantly adding new properties to our database and allow land owners to list their properties and choose the types of vehicles allowed and the price they want to charge.  The Spot Companies provide landowners with excess parking the ability to generate immediate cash flow and increase the value of their assets.  

Win-Win Frictionless Transacting

The Spot Companies platform handles the entire workflow from identifying parking spots to entering in to legal agreements and allows for secure payment to save time, mitigate risk, generate cashflow and increase value of underutilized assets.

Our Promise to You:

As a comerical vehicle owner/operator, logistics firm or fleet,how big or small your commercial parking needs are, we have the largest dataset available to meet your needs.

As a landowner, you can depend of The Spot Companies to offer up your exceess capacity to generate cashflow to the largest fleet and logistics operators in the nation.