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Turn-key enterprise-grade solution


The Spot Companies platform provides a turn-key enterprise-grade solution to identify known and most importantly “unknown” locations for parking of commercial vehicles (trailers, Sprinter Vans, fleets, etc)  to meet the most demanding requirements to solve the “last 5-10 mile” problem.  Our proprietary data, algorithms and relationships is the “secret sauce” that allow us to identify commercial parking in highly dense, restrictive and yet business critical locations and reduce the friction between Operators and Land & Real Estate Owner to solve this critical problem.


Operators - 3PLs, Fleets, Owner Operators and Facility Owners

The Spot Companies solution puts the power in your hands

You know the locations of parking you need to meet your critical business needs to maintain business continuity – whether permanent, seasonal or emergent.  The Spot Companies solution puts the power in your hands.  You need a solution that:

  • Identifies locations in most densely populated  and highly regulated nationwide commercial areas where you have critical needs in real-time (availability, pricing, features)
  • Mitigates parking problems in minutes, not days or weeks
  • Transacts seamlessly with the end party (legal, monetary, insurance)
  • Integrates in to your technology and/or workflow stacks seamlessly to provide value-added services and differentiation
  • Maintains supply continuity from start to finish

Property Owners and Industrial & Commercial Real Estate Brokers

List properties to meet the need of demanding 3PLs, Fleets and Owner Operators

You currently own, lease or represent properties that have excess capacity allowing for the parking of commercial vehicles.  The Spot Companies Solution provides you with the ability to list your properties, whether traditional parking lots or novel solutions that meet the need of demanding 3PLs, Fleets and Owner Operators.  Through the Spot Companies portal you can

  • Advertise your properties to a nationwide network of 3PLs, Fleets and Owner Operators
  • Fill your excess capacity to generate immediate short and long-term cashflow
  • List portions of your land (patent filed) and transact seamlessly
  • Increase the value of your property by filling your underutilized land and/or parking with a consistent cash flow

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